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Our aim at Traveldri-Plus is to give you the customer, the top quality products that will take your motorcycling experiences a step nearer to perfection.

The entire range of products is continually being tested by the Traveldri-Plus Team to ensure that we are completely satisfied with their quality and suitability. Buying with confidence is assured.

A sad fact but from 2013 on we will not be taking a stand at anyof the major motorcycle shows, costs are spiralling out of control

As an alternative to our loyal customers we are offering a series of price reductions on a large percentage of our stock.  These prices when compared with others on the net should be competitive. 

Our business is being reduced to a level that the two of us can easily manage, hence no more expensive motorcycle shows.

If you see anything on our website that hasn't been reduced, then please 'phone

Want some help with purchasing decisions?

If you need to discuss your requirements or prefer to contact us by telephone, call between 8 am and 6pm seven days of the week.

Travel Safe, Traveldri

Jane & Les Madge Traveldri-Plus

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